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The story about quality is a story about openness, clarity and honesty, but also about integrity and love of own business. This is the story that the Sumy Meat Company (SMC) has been creating since 2004.

Sumy meat company

Sumy Meat Company (SMK) is a modern enterprise engaged in production of meat and sausage products and delicacies, as well as distribution of chilled and frozen meat, meat products, semi-finished products, meat and sausage products and meat delicacies in the north-eastern part of Ukraine.

Own brands


Fields of activity smc

  • Production of meat and sausage products and delicacies from trademark “Sumski Kovbasi" and trademark “Smachno Indichno", made from high quality raw materials, using traditional and innovative production technologies.
  • A full complex of distribution of meat, meat products in the north-eastern part of Ukraine. SMC is the official distributor of Open Society “Mironivsky Khliboproduct" (MHP) in Sumy and in Sumy region. Sumy meat company offers a wide range of chilled and frozen poultry trademark “Nasha Ryaba", trademark “Nasha Ryaba Apetitna", trademark “Svoya Indeika", pork farms in Sumy and Poltava region, semi-finished trademark “Legko!",trademark “Sitni",  trademark “PelMen", meat and sausage products trademark “Baschinsky", etc.

Our production

Sumy Meat Company produces a wide range of meat and sausage products and meat delicacies under its own trademark “Sumski Kovbasi" and “Smachno Indichno". All sausage products are made by Sumy Meat Company from high quality raw materials using unique recipes and a combination of traditional and innovative production technologies.

The production is equipped with modern production equipment of well-known European brands LASKA (Austria), ALPINA (Switzerland) and HANDTMANN (Germany). The company has an automated, zone temperature control system.

All processes of sausage production are controlled by Sumy Meat Company in accordance with the International Quality and Food Safety Control System ISO9001 and ISO22000.

SMC production quality control process

  • Mandatory entry and veterinary inspection of meat (pork, beef, chicken and turkey meat) and work only with proven suppliers of products on a long-term basis.
  • Strict technological control, control points during the production process.
  • Compliance with ambient and raw material temperatures, as well as temperatures of heat treatment, rapid cooling and product storage.
  • Minimise manual labour, which reduces human contact with meat raw materials and finished products during the production process.
  • Control of physical, chemical and microbiological safety indicators of semi-finished products and finished products.
  • Quality control of meat products in state laboratories.
  • Application of the best international practices in production and management of business processes at the enterprise.

Honest principles of the SMC

  • Compliance with food safety management systems ISO9001 and ISO22000.
  • Strict process and veterinary control.
  • Quality management system (in accordance with the requirements of GOST 4161-2003).
  • Compliance with climatic and hygienic conditions of product storage.
  • Sanitary processing and disinfection of industrial environment.
  • Automation of production processes based on ARM.
  • Transportation of products by isothermal vehicles – refrigerators.
  • Delivery according to individual routes.

Qualitative values of the SMC

  • We are kindly fans of our business and create not only tasty products, but also guarantee the food safety of our products.
  • High quality is our goal for every day. As we have more than 1000 retail stores in Sumy and Poltava regions.
  • Our goal is to tell people that sausage is not only delicious for holidays, but also delicious on weekdays.
  • We are for quality and delicious meat in sausage, so we carefully choose suppliers of raw materials.
  • We are not only responsible for production, it is important to us to ensure the quality and safety of our products at all stages of its movement, from the producer to the last consumer.