SMC (Sumy Meat Company) is a modern meat processing enterprise and distributor of chilled and frozen meat and meat products in the northeastern part of Ukraine.

Since 2003, we are the distributor of PJSC «Myronivsky Hliboprodukt» — the leading producer of poultry meat in Europe with one of the strongest product brands in Ukraine, and the largest producer in the domestic meat processing market.
Every day we supply quality products to more than 1200 outlets in Sumy, Poltava and Chernihiv regions.

More than 30 commercial department specialists advise the Sumy meat company’s clients on the selection of the optimal product range, delivery and replenishment of the commodity stock in meat and meat products retailing.

The longstanding work experience with customers, product portfolio, flexible and operational logistics contribute to effective interaction with:
• national and local sales networks;
• Wholesale and retail companies;
• HoReCa segment;
• meat processing enterprises;
• budget organizations.



The maximum provision of consumer demand in the meat and meat products market, thanks to a wide range of products, high-quality and affordable products, advanced technologies, a staff of highly qualified specialists, well-built business processes and quality service.

Sumy Meat Company (SMC) product portfolio is represented by a wide range of quality meat products from the leading brands ТМ «Nasha Ryaba», ТМ «Nasha Ryaba Apetytna», ТМ «Legko!», ТМ «Sytny», ТМ «Бащинский», ТМ «Svoya Indychka», ТМ «PelMEN»  and is formed on the basis of production and trading needs of our customers:
• chilled and frozen poultry meat (chicken, turkey, duck, quail);
• chilled pork;
• chilled and frozen semi-finished products;
• sausage and meat products;
• grocery.

In January 2018, we launched the production of meat and sausage products ТМ «Sumskie kovbasu».


The stable quality of meat and meat products implemented by SMC, is guaranteed by the constant strict technological and veterinary control and application of the best international practices in the fields of production and management of business processes, in compliance with the requirements of food safety management systems ISO9001 and ISO22000 (HACCP).

The warehouses of the enterprise are equipped with modern automated equipment, which allows to control the observance of climatic and sanitary-hygienic conditions of product storage, as well as to assess their availability and quality.
Transportation of products is carried out by special refrigerated vans, equipped with satellite navigation systems GPS, for managing and controlling the temperature regime of car bodies during delivery of products.

The application of modern solutions in the field of warehouse logistics, the use of efficient transport and logistics technologies and individually designed routes, guarantee the timely delivery of products to destinations.
Over the years, we have earned the reputation of a reliable partner for our customers and have won the commitment of great many consumers.

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